How to Get Rid of Household Mold

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Healthy Snack Ideas

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One of the easiest areas to go off track when trying to eat healthy is snacks. We often get hungry in the middle of the day or late at night and reach for the wrong things because there are no healthy options available. Always keep healthy snacks on hand. Take them with you to work or on road trips, running errands around town, kids sports games,and of course in your kitchen. Its easy to grab the wrong thing when we need a quick pick me up and don't have a healthy option within reach. This is essential for staying on track with a healthy eating lifestyle.  Here are a few good snack ideas :
  • Apples with peanut butter, cashew butter or almond butter 
  •  Almonds, Cashews, Pistachios,Pecans - buybulk and make little 1 ounce snack bags
  •  Popcorn – Find a healthy Non GMO brand or pop your own organic  
  •  Fruit - grapes, apples , dates, bananas, blueberries , strawberries, cantaloupe slices
  •  Cheese Cubes 
  •  Yogurt, Greek yogurt 
  •  Celery with peanut butter 
  •  Applesauce with cinnamon 
  •  Cottage cheese 
  •  Fruit smoothie 
  •  Cucumber slices 
  •  Carrot slices 
  •  Fruit Leather- healthy all fruit  
  •  Hard Boiled Egg 
  •  Brown Rice Cakes 
  •  Small Sweet Potato 
  •  Whole wheat pretzels – eat only a few 
  •  Hummus - good for dipping carrot sticks ,cucumbers, peppers
  •  Tuna on lettuce leaf 
  •  Dark chocolate – 1 ounce 
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    Bamboo is naturally antibacterial , sustainable, an eco- friendly choice for your kitchen

    Lightweight yet stronger than wood.



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    Holy Lamb Organics Wool Bedding Sale

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    Save 10 % on all Holy Lamb Organics wool bedding. Choose from wool mattress, toppers,wool comforters ,pillows & mattress pads. Use Code HLO at checkout

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    New Fall Colors & Styles

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    Just in for the fall we've added a variety of new colors and styles from towels to sheets, duvets, loungewear & more.So be sure to check them out here:

    New Fall Styles & Colors

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    White Sale! Coyuchi® Organic Sheets,Towels & More - Now thru 6/5/17

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    Enjoy 20% savings on select organic bedding & bath from Coyuchi®
    Choose from a variety of styles and colors. Sale includes select organic cotton sheet sets, mattress pads, organic  bath towels and shower curtains.  Plus free shipping on orders over $100. No coupon code needed

    .Coyuchi white sale

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    Refresh the Bedroom for Spring

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    Freshen up the bedroom for spring with a new organic cotton mattress pad, a set of organic cotton sheets and pillows and an air purifier from Austin Air for a perfect peaceful nights rest. 100% GOTS certified organic cotton bedding #organicbedding

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