Organic Sateen Duvet Cover White

A smooth to the touch 280 thread count organic cotton sateen duvet cover perfect for all weather. The organic cotton has a cooler feel than polyester due to its natural breathability. This duvet cover will be perfect for protecting your comforter. Hydrogen peroxide whitened for a simple elegant feel. Softens further after washing. Machine wash and dry on regular. Add 1/4 cup of vinegar to the load to increase softness. Fabric is not pre-shrunk and will shrink to the proper size once washed and dried. There is no ties in the duvet cover, but the organic cotton fabric itself, once the comforter is placed inside fully, seems to hold the comforter in perfectly without any sliding. Made in the USA.

Category: Duvet Cover

Type: Duvet Cover

Vendor: Pure Rest Organics

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