Kapok Pillows

These kapok pillows are handmade with 100% organic casing and kapok that is harvested in the rainforest, protecting the life ways and ecosystems of indigenous people, They are hand-stuffed in the USA to make the most eco-friendly pillows on the market. 

The luxurious organic sateen is spun in the USA from 100% Organic, domestically grown, GOTS-certified cotton. Kapok, a fiber extracted from the seed pod of the kapok tree, provides the baby soft touch and comfort of down, while offering a natural alternative to the cruelty involved in extracting feathers from our winged friends.  Kapok pillows mold for your support and pleasure.  White Lotus Home believes kapok makes the best pillows in the world.

 Standard  Soft - 20x26 -  2lbs  
 Standard  Med -  20x26 - 2.3lbs  
 Standard  Firm -   20x30 - 2.8lbs  
 Queen  Soft - 20x30 -  3.3lbs
 Queen Med -  20x30 -  2.8 lbs
 Queen  Firm -  20x30 -  3.8lbs  
 King  Soft - 20x36  -  4lbs  
 King  Med-  20x36  -  4.6lbs  
 King  Firm -  20x36  -  5.6lbs

Type: Pillows

Vendor: White Lotus Home

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